The Statistical Consulting Center at the School of Health Sciences provides statistical consulting to academic staff and graduate students at the University of Iceland School of Health Sciences.

What we can help with

The Statistical Consulting Center does not only provide assistance for statistical analysis, but also for each step of the research process. Here are some examples of what we can help with:

  • Problem formulation assistance – generating null hypothesis and research question
  • Study design and statistical model selection assistance
  • Statistical modeling and result interpretation assistance
  • Statistical Software selection and assistance with statistical analysis
  • Assisting in understanding the statistical content of methodology sections of peer-reviewed papers in your field
  • Writing the “Statistical Methods” section for grant applications
  • Help with respond to “Reviewer’s Comments” and Re-submission of papers

What we offer

1. Basic/Short questions
Basic or short questions can be asked on our Facebook page or by sending an e-mail to and will be answered as soon as possible. In some cases, our statisticians will recommend a consult meeting at our office for a brief or extended consult (see points 2 and 3).

2. Brief consult
Meeting with one of our statisticians for consult at our office. Assignment should take maximum of two 1-2 hour meetings. Brief consult meetings can be booked Mondays through Wednesdays. Please book here.

3. Extended consult
Extended consult is available when greater input from the statistician is needed. As a result, the possibility of a formal co-authorship should be discussed. Please Book here.

What you can expect

  • When you book a consult you will need to answer some questions (see below) so our consultant will be able to understand your request, your data, and your research question
  • In some cases, our consultant will be able to provide immediate help while in other cases she/he will have to do some research on how to best assist you
  • Our consultants can answer questions on various packages and statistical programs. They have access to R, SPSS, STATA and other statistical software programs. However, please note that our statisticians are not experts in every software available but will do their best to answer any questions.

Booking a consult

These questions should be answered when booking a consult:

  • Are you part of the academic staff within the School of Health Sciences or a graduate student?
  • Your department within University of Iceland (and lab name if applicable)
  • Name of study
  • Advisor/Director of the study
  • Research question or aim of the study
  • Study design or data acquisition methods
  • Data type (descriptive variables, factors, continuous, time-series etc.)
  • What kind of service do you need? (e.g. assistance to form a study proposal, assistance for data analysis, assistance for result interpretation)


Fees are according to the School of Health Sciences rates.


Sigurbjörg Anna Guðnadóttir
Graduate Student in Biostatistics at the University of Iceland

Thor Aspelund, Chief Statistician, 
Professor at the University of Iceland, Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Iowa. Thor will assist in more complex consulting.


The office is located in Vatnsmýrarvegi 16, Læknagarður, 3. floor, room 331.

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